Why bespoke service?

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Looking for that "One-of-a-Kind"?  Rugs Bespoke Offers one-off and unique products

Rugs Bespoke extensive array of designs may be modified to create that rug which is perfectly tailored to your exact requirements. Specific sizes and shapes can be ordered, colours may be chosen and changed, and yarns and patterns can be upscaled or downscaled to your liking. Rugs Bespoke offer thousands of colours or we can match to a sample of your liking which you bring to us. With our vast experience, we will offer you advice and guidance throughout the whole process, from the design of your bespoke rug to completion. During the process, we will show you renderings of your proposed design and you will get a clear picture of how it will look in situ.

Add an Extra Splash of Colour and a Dash of Daring Design

Rugs Bespoke offer beautiful rugs which are lovingly designed and crafted to each of our client's unique specifications. We use only the finest silks and wools which gives our finished products the unmistakable seal of quality. While each rug we create is unique, every single one of them shares the meticulous attention to detail and quality our rugs are famously known for. Rugs can add huge artistic value to a room setting and are often used as the frame around which all else is developed. With this in mind, it is of utmost importance to get this floor art accurate as it sets the mood and tone for the rest of the space. Rugs bring luxury, comfort, elegance and fun and will match your personality to make your home a reflection of who you are and what you stand for.

Why Bespoke Rugs?

If you were to see the world through the eyes of Rugs Bespoke, it would be an endless kaleidoscope of pattern and colour. Any sighting of shadows on a wall or overlapping tree branches can be a moment of creative inspiration for our team. The most innocuous item can develop into a floor of shape, design and colour. The team at Rugs Bespoke can capture the symmetries and shapes that most people overlook. This is why you will get the exact rug you are looking for. We listen to our clients' needs and work with them through their range of questions while they seek our knowledge about what will work best in their home or workplace. Rugs Bespoke have the expertise to beautifully cover your floors gained from years of meticulous practice in the world of rugs and carpets, in every possible design and style. We will guide you through your search of style, whether it be striped, geometric, traditional, modern, transitional, abstract, floral, contemporary, and many more. We are extremely experienced in the use of various materials including different types of wool, viscose, yarn, etc. We craft rugs that are entirely hand-made and have spent many years sharing our love of bold and energetic design. We will work to our client's brief and then create bespoke patterns to their specific theme or mood. Having the correct rug in place can make or break a room - this is why finding the right rug provider has become the number one criteria for interior designers in the UK. Rugs Bespoke ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting exactly what you ordered, this is why they are at the top of rug providers in London and across the UK.

The 5 Key Reasons Why You Should Choose Rugs Bespoke to Create Your Perfect Piece!

1.The overall look and feel

Rugs will always enhance and emphasise the style of your room, so start off by defining the overall look and feel you wish to create. For example, will it be elegant, fun, modern, minimalistic and so on. Then choose your rug which will enhance that mood. A large bold pattern will give the room lots of energy, whereas a rug in neutral and muted colours will give a sense of calm and destress to your room. The pattern and colour you choose will lend a sense of luxury, joy and so forth, so this step will lay the foundation of the mood which envelops your space.

2. Size – Don't Get This Wrong!

This is where many people go wrong. No matter how amazing the rug design is, if a piece is too small or too big, then the dynamics will not work. The two most important rules for getting this right is that the rug should always be centered in a room and the furniture in the room should rest fully or partially on the rug. Combining these guidelines will give the proper starting point for rug sizing.

3. Match the Texture to Your Space

The material of your bespoke rug can create an intimate and cosy atmosphere to your room or open it up in a welcoming manner. This is where you should match the material with the overall theme you are trying to achieve. You should use a high knot count wool or bamboo silk for a luxurious theme or for a more casual theme you should go for a pileless flatweave.

4. Wear and Stain Resistant

The aspect of cleaning your rug is important as you will wish to have your beautiful bespoke rug in place for many years. Which material will weather the storm of footfall best? Wool will work best as a resilient material as the naturally high lanolin prevents stains from penetrating the surface.This is the best option for busier parts of the house or where children play.

5. Bespoke Rugs for Generations

Longevity is key when investing in your beautiful bespoke rug. You will need a piece which will last for generations to come. Rugs Bespoke create rugs that are not only the perfect size, scale and pattern for your space, we also ensure you receive a design which you will keep in your family for generations to come and hand down with love and pride.

Whether you are looking for the simple opulence of a bespoke luxury carpet, a custom dyed colour, an intricate border design or whatever you wish, Rugs Bespoke take each and every project extremely seriously and will ensure the delivery of a perfect product to every one of their customers. Call us today on  +44 7957420266 and book your appointment with one of our experts.